My hatred for Time Warner Cable grows again. Yet again, I was lied to. My service has been canceled since October 18th, 2011. I was told at the time of my cancelation that I would not be charged again and I would receive a check for approximately $45 dollars for unused services that I had paid for, but this was incorrect. Later I learned, you pay after the month of service (i.e. You pay for September’s service in October).

Okay that’s fine, I don’t expect free money or to get away from not paying for service I used. The amount of days I was on their service for October for my new billing cycle was 4 days. Therefore I had 4 days of unpaid service, which would result in a bill for: 53.95 / 30 days * 4 days = $7.20.

I log onto my credit card statement and find this:


Sigh.. Another magical journey through time warner’s phone support is in store. After navigating through the vague menus and waiting about 7 minutes I get someone on the phone who tells me that effectively it is my fault. She even went so far to say “when you setup automatic payment with your credit card company or bank it doesn’t turn off…”  to which I interrupted to say “I never setup anything with my credit card or bank, your company uses an internal automatic billing system that after calculating the amount – then charges my charge card or bank on file, your system charged me $53.95 when it should have charged me $7.20”

She quickly made a statement about how people are not aware that automatic billing doesn’t turn off after your service is disconnected. I dismissed it and asked her how I get my refund. A check, via mail that takes 4 to 6 weeks. Thank you Time Warner for improperly charging me a higher amount, that you would have possibly stolen if I would not have called. Thank you for holding onto my $48.55 (pending refund) for over a month. Thank you for giving me a trip to the bank to cash your check.

All of this coming from the company that says how much they value their customers, but at the same time that they charge their existing customers extremely higher rates than new customers. Basically they value you enough to charge you more. I would value customers that paid me too much as well.

Time Warner Fails Again.

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