Welcome to the September 7th edition of the EPIC ROUNDUP!

Below you will find a list of blogs that we especially enjoyed this week

Learn how to ensure a great real estate investment at Invest it Wisely.

Dom at Your Finances Simplified is quite the real estate investor…I was happy to see he finally went a month without any home repairs at his rental properties.

As a married man I appreciate this article…Couple Money explains how to deal with financial conflict as a couple.


OK, last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to the carnivals below for thinking highly enough of Epic Finances to include us:

Carnival of MoneyPros hosted by Rather Be Shopping
Yakezie Carnival hosted by Frugal Rules
Finance Carnival For Young Adults hosted by Mom And Dad Money
Carnival of Retirement hosted by Bite The Bullet Investing
Carnival of Passing Investing hosted by My Money Counselor

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