$15Right now eBay is pushing their eBay Bucks program. Similar to credit cards, they have special offers that if completed give you extra rewards. Right now there is one offer you should do and immediately cancel, Netflix. Sign up through your eBay Bucks tab and get $15 + a free month of Netflix. Set an alarm to cancel on your smartphone and you are good to go. I plan on getting 3-4 rentals out of it as well.

The eBay Bucks are usually transferred the minute you do the offer (be sure to click the provide links in your eBay bucks page). They have other offers, but most aren’t that appealing to me. Offers such as Freecreditscore.com ($10), Restaurant.com ($5), Gamefly ($15), Zagatwine ($25), People ($30), Credit Karma ($2), Mint.com ($2), Proflowers & Gifts ($10), Angie’s List ($15), US Weekly ($15), SimplyInk ($5), and Entertainment Book ($5). Now if you were already going subscribe to Mint.com or Angie’s List or buy the Entertainment Book– This might be free money to you, but be skeptical of these offers. Restaurant.com for instance has coupons that offer –60 to 80% off and the eBay offer restricts you from using them, so it’s not a very good deal.

I myself have done three offers for a total of $25 of eBay Bucks

  1. Netflix $15
  2. Emusic.com – $5 – I don’t recommend doing Emusic.com, this looks like the kind of company that might come back later and try to improperly charge your credit card and/or paypal account and they charge you a $1 fee without telling you up front. In my opinion, Avoid.
  3. Brain-teaser site – $5. Sadly the offer is only offer may have expired and/or only so many of them are available per month. I canceled within 10 seconds of subscribing.