personI thought it would be interesting to my readers to give periodic updates of how my personal stock trading account is doing. So I’m going to start this month and do monthly or quarterly updates.

As of 11/7/11, I am up 15.49% and after a short hiatus, have only been trading since July 2011. Roughly 4-months and +15.49% would put my yearly rate at 54.03%. Now I don’t exactly plan on having a 54% year, but July to Nov has been extremely good to me.

I have funded $5750 in my account and have started weekly automatic contributions of $50. My account’s value is now $6640 (+$890).

I buy stocks and options and I buy and short. I took a GIANT hit from AEM (gold mining company) because they made a public statement that one of their mines was a total loss  — that took a solid 9-10% away from my 4-month performance. 

What am I currently involved with? GE and NFLX. I wanted to buy NFLX a week ago, but was hesitant to pull the trigger. This stock is completely oversold my in opinion.

Disclaimer: Always consult a financial expert for investment advice. Investments carry risk.

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