Stocks return over 10%I am happy to announce to my readers, that my personal stock portfolio is currently over 10% return for the year. In fact it is up 11.8% as of July 10th close. Additionally, there is still 174 days left in this year. How have I been so successful?

The Good:

  • I straddled Best Buy (Symbol: BBY), sold on a bounce and then sold again on a free-fall.
  • I was long on Sprint (Symbol: S) for a return of about 12% on my total portfolio.
  • I shorted Monster (Symbol: MNST) for a very quick 11% gain, or about 1.5% return on total portfolio
  • And a bunch of various smaller trades, including GE, MET, DOW, AAPL.

The Bad:

  • I sold out of Amazon at a bad time to take a massive loss
  • I bought into Netflix (Symbol: NFLX), thinking that it was ready to regain $100+ a share.
  • I bought HP (Symbol: HPQ), and it was a dud.
  • My conservative cover call positions, really didn’t pan out to be too successful. Most were gains, but fraction of percentage gains.

Why such a long delay on an update? Because I changed brokers. Because I deal with such small amounts of money, I decided to go to OptionsHouse from Etrade. They had a promotion that they would transfer it over without cost and I decided to jump. Do I like OptionHouse More? Yes and No. The fees are substantially cheaper, but the interface isn’t as good as some of the Etrade products. However, the fees are so much cheaper, that I will continue to stay with OptionHouse. Five bucks for a option trade of 5 contracts or less, hard to beat.

There was a little but of a hick-up though, one of my cost basis did not transfer over properly and they solved one problem, but made another. They added the cost basis (that I had to give them via email), but it immediately showed up as a gain.

Regardless, be prepared to have more stock portfolio updates and recommendations. At this current rate I could even hit a crazy 20% by the end of the year (or lose the 11% I have gained thus far).

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