I wanted to take a minute to point out how good of a tool Microsoft Access can be for an amazon seller. I myself buy a lot of my inventory on eBay which means most of the record keeping doubles. This is how it works:

1. I bid on tons of auctions at prices that leave me a margin on the other side (selling on amazon)
2. I receive the items, test them, and place them for sale on amazon
3. I receive orders through amazon
4. I package the item with a copy of the packaging slip
5. I buy postage through amazon (which is handled through stamps.com)
6. I toss the packages in my mailbox or drive to the post office if my mailbox won’t suffice
7. I pray that the seller is happy and the sale is over

When it comes to record keeping though. As soon as I buy an item off eBay I go to my access database where I have a form for entry.  I feel out the first “column” under “purchase”.


After receiving the item, I go back to that entry and fill out the middle column. If the item checks out, I list the item on amazon.

When the item sells, I fill out the last column. You get the idea.

But Access is so much more powerful than just this set of functionality.

I have inventory floating around all of the item. Item’s inbound can be hard to keep track of, and when I receive one – how can I match it up with the inventory I have marked down as purchased? With Queries.

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