rock_thumb2Have a young student that wants to learn how to play the guitar? Maybe you want to learn it yourself. Lessons can be expensive. I would like to offer a fun new alternative, Rocksmith. I remember ready about 1.5 years ago I heard about a new Rockband game that was being developed with actual guitars. I thought that would be cool if that studio got the game to market, and they did!

Rocksmith is a software package that helps you learn the guitar through a Rockband style game. You can read all of the details by clicking on one of the links, but the basic things you should know:

You need an actual guitar with a 3mm plug-in.
There are mini-games that teach you some of the basics (some are similar to space invaders)
The game will tune your guitar! Which is amazingly helpful for newbies.
It comes for Xbox 360, PS3, and Computer – But the computer release has been delayed until December.

There are plenty of videos talking about the game (even though I would go to to see actual gameplay, link is to gameplay)

Why is this cheap? It’s cheap by comparison to lessons which can run $25 – $50 an hour. It’s worth checking out if you are planning on learning anyways and especially if you just happen to have a 55’’ Vizio HDTV. Might be a good gift as well.

If $79.99 is too high for you, just give it time – it will be $50 – $55 within 2-3 months on Amazon used.

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