Learn PHPBeing that I am the web administrator of EpicFinances.com, I have found it very important to try to find ways of improving my websites through various web programming languages. I find myself quickly realizing that I want to learn PHP. I don’t just “kind of want to know PHP” either, I want to basically master it. I think to myself, how much would I be willing to pay to magically input PHP skills into me?  $1,000 dollars? $10,000 dollars? What types of opportunities could these PHP skills lead to? How lucrative would these skills be?

I ultimately have come to the conclusion, I would pay roughly $5,000 to have a very good understanding of PHP (via magical effortless learning). Of course this magical effortless training doesn’t exist, but it brings me to a point. I could probably learn PHP with books and videos (which are basically free), in probably 500 hours. That’s $10 an hour of after-tax money savings. Maybe I should view it this way, I am effectively going to get a $5,000 skill for the cost of 500 hours.

If I could master it, it would be well worth the time. I have always been strong with logical thinking, but never actually sat down to learn a language. Hopefully my skills and my website will continue to grow. A preview of something I wrote this evening.  It’s a good old fashion mortgage calculator.
    $interestrate = .04 / 12;
    $mortgageamount = 150000;
    $numberofpayments = 360;
                    /* (Pr(1+r)^N) / ((1+r)^N -1)*/
    $paymentamount = (($mortgageamount * $interestrate) * (pow((1+$interestrate),$numberofpayments))) / ((pow((1+$interestrate),$numberofpayments)) – 1);  ?>
    <h1><?php echo “$” . round($paymentamount,2);?> </h1>
    <h1 style=”color:#C00″>
    <?php echo ” is your monthly payment on a mortgage of $” . $mortgageamount . ” at a rate of “. $interestrate*12 . ” ” . “over ” . $numberofpayments /12 . ” years.”; ?>

is your monthly payment on a mortgage of $150000 at a rate of 0.04 over 30 years.

Sadly PHP might have to wait until after the CPA.

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