Amazon sellers can rejoice this time of year, the time of year when prices for used items such as electronics increases. I myself am an amazon seller and I’ve watched the prices of items throughout the years and things usually get pretty crazy right about now.

I sell a lot of iPod touches and iPod nanos in particular. An example of this pricing increasing is an iPod Touch 1st generation 8gb. Currently selling for $139.00!!! Mark my words, these will be below $90 in January. I myself have sold at least a dozen of these under $100. Also I would like to warn anyone buying these iPod touches to make sure you check all generation’s prices. The used 3rd generations have been cheaper than the 1st generation’s all week! Just because it’s the oldest generation does not mean it is currently the cheapest.

2954733_sbAnother interesting story this year is the lack of inventory for LeapFrog – LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet. Apparently if you don’t buy this toy for your child you do not love them enough, I am told. The way people talk about this device is that is virtually is a game changer. I personally have no experience with it other than watching it go for $99.99 one week to going to $179-$199 a week later on amazon. The company failed no matter how you look at it. They either did not make enough inventory or they did not price it properly, but amazon retailers are always happy to cash in on mistakes like this.

All of these prices are sure to drop soon, but it’s an early Christmas for many amazon sellers.

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