4538534881I became a newbie in the land of hockey, but boy hockey is expensive. It cost me roughly $800 to become involved with an adult league, not including gas and wear and tear on my car. You need a helmet, faceguard, stick, tape, hockey socks, jersey, shin-guards, elbow pads, chest piece with shoulder pads, skates, bag, and some other miscellaneous option stuff – it can get out of hand quickly.

So why would someone so frugal as myself decide to play hockey? Simple. I am 25 years old and I’m not going to get many more chances to become involved in a sport I wanted to play virtually my entire life.

I am completely inexperienced, and I do mean completely. I think I have about 8-10 hours of time on the ice with skates in my entire life prior to this journey. I have since completed two games with my Division 5-Lower team (lowest and newest player division). I am probably the worst player on the ice, but I’m just happy I finally got a chance to play.

Life is full of decisions and I knew that the older I got – the less likely I would become an active hockey player. Things come up later in life (children, job, physical limitations, etc.) that make a barrier to entry for hobbies that take as much dedication as hockey. I rolled the dice and put my money where my mouth is and I’m glad I did so.

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