roku or cableTired of paying for cable? Well consider ditching cable for Roku. Roku is a tiny little box that connects to your internet via wifi (or ethernet cable) and connects to you TV via HDMI  and allows you to stream things such as Hulu plus, Netflix, and Pandora. Additionally, if you buy the high end model ($99.99), there is even a USB slot so you can plug your media in directly to it.  Now of course you do have to pay for Hulu Plus ($7.99 a month) and Netflix ($7.99), but you are talking roughly $16 a month.

Roku also has the ability to link up with HBOgo, Facebook, and a host of other channels, but sadly does not appear to have an actual internet browser (my one complaint). I personally only plan on subscribing to Hulu Plus to have access to about 80% of any show I would ever want to watch anyhow. I am currently paying roughly $50 a month, so in a given year I should save $504 minus the cost of the unit plus the salvage value of the unit.

what is on roku

One of the things that stands out about Roku versus the iTv is Huluplus. Sadly even the newest iTV does not have the ability to access Huluplus.  I will keep you updated on my overall experience with Roku.

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