Been some movement in my account, I bought in after the dip and was lucky enough to pick up a quick 2.5% on Monday.

Moving into a fresh 2013 is exciting for me. My goals remain the same, 25% a year (9.31x for 10 years).

I’ve decided to no longer post exact dollar amounts of my portfolio balance for privacy, but I finished up 61% after commission for the year. This is well in excess of my 25% a year goal, and I would love to have a repeat.

I’m Long (64% invested)

Powershare QQQ Trust Series 1 (Symbol: QQQ)(25%)
That’s right. I’m 25% invested in Apple..errm…  I mean QQQ. QQQ is an ETF that holds major tech companies, and since it 16.31% Apple and Apple tends to be an industry leader, it’s kind of like investing Apple.  I think tech is oversold (for the most part), and I’m looking for a major bounce. [ Composition of QQQ found to the right ]

Silver (Symbol: SLV) (12%)
It’s always good to have some commodities in your portfolio, especially with inflation and instability. I have about 12% of my account in Silver. I’ve been in and out of Silver with some major success.

MET (Symbol: MET)(10%)
The option chains were just too cheap and I think this stock has some room to easily pop up $1.50 – $2.00. Hoping to grab a quick (within 3 months hopefully) 20% gain.

AMD (Symbol: AMD)  (6%) and Sprint (Symbol: S) (6%)
These are my hail marys. I have them both on Jan 2015 calls. I simply could not avoid such a good upside potential. I actually like AMD more than Sprint, and I’ve considered selling out of Sprint altogether (might on a small bounce).

GE (Symbol: GE) (5%)

Hoping GE crawls back up to $22+ range so I can get a few % return on my portfolio. Relevantly low downside, but also very limited upside. Hoping this stock was oversold a bit going into the end of the year.



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