UK job seekers received some unexpected good in recent times, as the national unemployment fell to just 7.2% in March. Subsequently, the number of citizens claiming benefits has also fallen considerably, which has prompted leading government officials to forecast an increasingly bright economic future.

Given that the portents for long-term economic growth remain unclear, however, there is still much to be done to ensure that the UK and its residents achieve prosperity. This is especially true in the case of younger job seekers, as youth unemployment remains uncomfortably high despite showcasing tangible signs of improvement.

Taking Control of your Destiny: 3 ways to Improve your Employment Prospects


The recent figures at least provide hope for unemployed British citizens, however, and provide a platform from which they can assume control of their job search and seek out viable employment opportunities. Falling unemployment also provides job hunters with motivation to improve their own appeal as candidates for work, which in turn can give them a critical edge in the market place. Consider the following: –


  • Target Relevant Skills and Qualifications: The pace of advancement and evolution is more rapid than ever, which means that it is crucial for job seekers to refresh their industry relevant skills. Those who are registered as unemployed my even qualify for funding to complete specific industry courses, especially if it improves their chances of landing long term employment. So be sure to research your area of experience and expertise, and seek out any requisite qualifications as a matter of urgency.


  • Broaden your Search for Short Term Work: Temporary work can provide significant financial relief while you are unemployed, so long as you are willing to broaden your search and engage with new or unfamiliar industries. To do this, you may also need to enhance your appeal among a wider range of employers, so be sure to emphasis any transferable experience that you have in the work place. It may also be wise to obtain a free credit check, as having a reputable score will qualify you to work in entry level financial roles.


  • Seek out Voluntary Work: Employers often hire individuals based primarily on their attitude, work ethic and defining characteristics, so it is crucial that you sell these through your application, resume and direct communication. Using your time productively while unemployed is of pivotal importance, as it distinguishes you as an organized individual who is committed to find work. You can highlight this by balancing your job search with periods of voluntary work, and subsequently use your up to date resume as a representation of your tenacity and time management skills.

In Summary


These steps should help you to find work, even as the level of competition continues to rise in the existing labour market. All that remains is for job seekers to retain control of their finances while they are unemployed, as this means that they do not encounter debt prior to accepting a new position. So while there is nothing wrong with applying for short-term personal loan from a reputable provider, you must take care to ensure that you are able to repay this within the specified time frame.

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