Curious about Epic Finances? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions is below!

What is Epic Finances?

Epic Finances is a blog that discusses virtually everything money. Whether it be saving money, investing, or working the financial system —  Epic Finances is here to entertain and help you growth you personal net worth.

Why “Epic Finances”?

Domain names are fairly limited and I just enjoy the word Epic, it made sense at the time of launch.

What is your goal of Epic Finances?

To build a community of like minded individuals and more importantly help people save and to add my opinion to investing. I am confident that my advice will drastically increase individuals net worth.

Do you make money off this Website?

Yes I do, but I also have expenses.

Are you a CPA?

No, but I am in the corporate finance profession…please keep in mind that I am nothing more than a an average investor like yourself.

Do you offer advertising services?

Epic Finances does offer paid for advertising services. For more information, email me at 


Disclaimer: Epic Finances is for entertainment purposes only. All opinions expressed should not be taken as professional advise. Always consult a financial or legal expert before making financial or legal decisions or assuming risk.