dviMany retailers constantly over charge their customers on basic cables they need for various hookups. HDMI and DVI cables in particular can vary in price tremendously. I recently needed a longer DVI cable for my second monitor and I wanted it immediately. I took a short journey to a Micro Center store where they had several in stock. Their 6 foot DVI cable was $29.99 and their 10 foot cable was $39.99!

Absolutely highway robbery. Not only did I waste my time and gas getting to the store, but now I would leave empty handed, because I refuse to be abused by a retailer. I jumped on amazon when I got home and the first one I found for $7.61 shipped.

If I would have bought the 10-foot cable at Micro Center it would have been $39.99 + tax ($42.58 total). That means the Micro Center cable cost 459% more! You also have to waste time and gas money going to the store! I understand Micro Center is providing a service, but this is insane. If the cable was $7.61 online and $12 in store – I honestly probably would have just purchased it, because I needed the cable. But there are limits to how much I’m prepared to eat.

RadioShack is just as bad in customer abuse when it comes to various hookups and cables. If you consider yourself to be thrifty, you probably should only step foot into RadioShack 2-3 times your entire life, because whatever you’re buy from Radio Shack should be something you need that CANNOT wait. A while back I needed an audio to tape cassette player to use Pandora in my vehicle – and it was $19.99 on sale. Amazon prices – $2 to $3.

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