craigslistI myself purchase and sell many things on Craigslist. It is Important to know the basics reasons why you would an would not want to sell or buy on Craigslist. Craigslist can be an amazing tool for thrifty individuals, but if not safe – it can be a place for a disaster.
What are the Pro’s of Craigslist as a Buyer:
  • Price is usually much more competitive than online or in store (Think $400 iPad for $325)
  • Prices can be haggled (best part of Craigslist in my opinion)
  • You can get items quicker than ordering online
  • You can physical inspect used items (unlike eBay or Amazon)
What are the Con’s of Craigslist as a Buyer:
  • The first is what I like to call the “Stab Factor” – Craigslist can be very dangerous if you do not properly protect yourself.
  • People tend to make appointments to meet and often don’t show up or are late.
  • There are a lot of scammers out there, be sure to properly inspect and test all items. Also it can be hard to test all of the features of something like an electronic device do not take someone’s word. For example you buy an iPod you might get home and notice that the jack is a little loose inside or the sound is muffled, at that point the seller doesn’t care, he has his money.
  • Once the money changes hands and the transaction is over – there is no customer support or returns.
  • Driving can cost time and money
What are the Pro’s of Craigslist as a Seller:
  • You sell the item and its over. No customer support or refunds. No Amazon Chargebacks or Selling Fees.
  • Cash in hand, right now.
  • You can sell items that are hard to ship, locally.
  • Haggling can actually result in a buying low and selling high business.

What are the Con’s of Craigslist as a Seller:

  • Same as first two above for the buyer: People don’t show and “Stab Factor.”
  • The buyer might decide to low-ball you in person even if previously agreeing to a price, causing you to waste your time.
  • Having to filter out scammer e-mails that have gotten out of hand.
  • The buyer might just not want the item that badly and decide to waste your time.
  • Driving can cost time and money

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