When it first opened on the market, GoPro stock was at $30. Two months later it was already at $95 and, for those who missed its IPO, they were left sitting with their hands in the air, wondering what happened.

Most people now know about GoPro, the extremely small, durable and handy video device that’s taken the world by storm, but very few have heard about LifeLogger (LOGG), wearable technology that some analysts are calling the next big thing in the high-tech industry.

Here’s a question; what’s the actual percentage of your life that you actually remember? Scientists say that it’s approximately 0.001%, and that’s if your memory is really great.

Many people would like to be able to remember more of their lives, and extreme sports enthusiasts have definitely used the GoPro to do just that. But what about everyday life? What if you wanted to record everything that you did all the time so that, if you wanted to recall something extremely specific at a later time, you could?

That’s what LifeLogger promises.

In fact, LifeLogger was just named among the Top-5 startups by entrepreneur.com, even though the technology promises what seems like something out of a science fiction film. The fact is however that the wearable technology industry it Is expected to explode in the next few years, and reach $20 billion dollars by 2018.

LifeLogger has already recognized this fact and allows users to record their lives with a wearable Point Of View (POV) device that records everything they do and say, and then uploads it to the cloud where it can be processed and stored.

This “processing” consists of extracting things like the faces of people you’ve seen and converting the words that you said and heard into a searchable text database. While this is happening your GPS coordinates are also recorded and even the direction that you’re looking at the time is recorded as well.

Like we said, out of a science fiction film.

It’s being called “augmented memory” and analyst predict it’s going to be huge. So, if you missed out on GoPro’s IPO, keep an eye out for LifeLogger when it opens. It might just be the next big thing!

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