Cheap IpadI posted earlier about iPad prices going down after the announcement of a release date for the iPad 3. I also commented that I was considering buying an iPad 1st generation for $259, but I decided to wait a little longer to see if prices would go down further. They did just that. $240 for an iPad 1st generation described as “Very good condition” with a original box and a case.

Could I have gotten this iPad cheaper on craigslist? Sure, but I had a lot of amazon credit from a credit card promotion so it made sense for me to buy it via amazon to avoid cash out of my pocket. Also I don’t have to deal with the hassle of craigslist.

I plan on using the iPad mainly for reading. I want to read a lot more about programming (PHP first). Sadly the price of the iPad 1st generation has jumped back up to around $280, which I would say isn’t a steal. Just keep your eye on the link below and you will definitely be able to grab a used iPad 1st generation 16gb one under $250.

iPad 1st generation 16gb

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