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cI like to constantly challenge myself to make money with little work. I also like to think I have an amazing ability to know what things are worth and I have the ability to find channels to sell my products for top-dollar.

I am issuing a challenge to myself this afternoon. Make $30 in 30 minutes. How?

Buying and selling. Sadly I am not going to give you my account names as proof, but you can confirm that you can really buy and re-sell these items by going on eBay and finding completed auctions of similar item(s) at these prices.

Challenge Rules/Assumptions:

  • 15 minutes of bidding on eBay (This was timed)
  • 5 minutes to test and format the received item
  • 2 minutes to list on Amazon
  • 5 minutes to ship
  • 3 minutes to account for tax purposes (Be sure to keep records)

Total: 30 minutes. Goal: $30 profit.

Note: Above times are based on averages except I’m allotting myself only 15 minutes of bidding.

When you are taking my method, a few things are key. Knowing what to bid on, knowing how much to bid on (to retain a profit margin), and knowing how to get the best cash back. You might say, “I just don’t have *that* good of a grasp of what things are actually worth” – you can learn and prices are changing daily so there is never a bad time to get involved.

First a disclaimer: Follow ALL FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL laws and requires for taxes, shipment, packaging, distributing, and any other applicable law. Keep good records for state and federal taxes.

28 Bids on various Ipod Nanos, Ipod Touches, and Ipod Classics.
Lost: 27 bids
Won: 1 bid (3.8%)

Won Item:

1. Ipod Touch 3rd Generation 32gb – $112 – 11% cashback = $99.68 as cost.

Wait for Part Two to See how it pans out.

How to Get $15 or More of Free Ebay Credit

$15Right now eBay is pushing their eBay Bucks program. Similar to credit cards, they have special offers that if completed give you extra rewards. Right now there is one offer you should do and immediately cancel, Netflix. Sign up through your eBay Bucks tab and get $15 + a free month of Netflix. Set an alarm to cancel on your smartphone and you are good to go. I plan on getting 3-4 rentals out of it as well.

The eBay Bucks are usually transferred the minute you do the offer (be sure to click the provide links in your eBay bucks page). They have other offers, but most aren’t that appealing to me. Offers such as Freecreditscore.com ($10), Restaurant.com ($5), Gamefly ($15), Zagatwine ($25), People ($30), Credit Karma ($2), Mint.com ($2), Proflowers & Gifts ($10), Angie’s List ($15), US Weekly ($15), SimplyInk ($5), and Entertainment Book ($5). Now if you were already going subscribe to Mint.com or Angie’s List or buy the Entertainment Book– This might be free money to you, but be skeptical of these offers. Restaurant.com for instance has coupons that offer –60 to 80% off and the eBay offer restricts you from using them, so it’s not a very good deal.

I myself have done three offers for a total of $25 of eBay Bucks

  1. Netflix $15
  2. Emusic.com – $5 – I don’t recommend doing Emusic.com, this looks like the kind of company that might come back later and try to improperly charge your credit card and/or paypal account and they charge you a $1 fee without telling you up front. In my opinion, Avoid.
  3. Brain-teaser site – $5. Sadly the offer is only offer may have expired and/or only so many of them are available per month. I canceled within 10 seconds of subscribing.

Internet Mining: Buying Under Priced Items on Amazon

miningEver thought about buying items on amazon to resell for profit? You can make spare cash or get great deals online with patience.

As I have said in the past, I believe I have a strength in knowing what things are worth. Having this strength allows me to search Amazon for underpriced items that I can buy and resell for profit (Usually selling on eBay).

Let me give you an example. A while back on amazon, Super Nintendo Final Fantasy 3 cartridges (I realize I am an epic nerd) were down to about $8 dollars shipped from individual sellers (They were approximately $40 a few months prior).  I purchased 2 of about the 10 available between $8 and $10 (taking lowest price and best quality ones.) I later resold on each eBay for $19.99 + $4 shipping , which after fees and shipping netted me about $18. That’s a net of $10 or +125% Return on investment. In hindsight I should have bought all 10, but it took me about 2.5 months to sell those 2 cartridges, so I don’t regret it too much. I really was just doing it to prove that I could. I know what you are thinking right now, That’s a lot of work for $20. I agree, but there are times where this method can result in a higher profit margin. Sidenote: Final fantasy cartridges as a long-term investment?

Back in March of 2011 the iPads 2 came out and within the first couple days of the release, the iPads 1’s prices went to unreasonable lows. Within the first 7 days at any given time, there was probably about 100 –  1st generation 16gb Wi-Fi only iPads going for under $280 dollars shipped. Some as low as $250.  On top of that, these were mostly people who included original packaging, apple cases (which cost more), and other goodies. They were the first to sell because they were earliest adopters of the iPads 2. It’s also good to know there is a strong correlation of how well people take care of their iPads 1 to the the date they adopt the iPads 2.

iPads with higher storage and 3g were just as discounted – and this setup a major opportunity to score a deal. As of right now (7 months later) those exact iPads are going for about $325 – $340 (+$75 – $90). Let’s be conservative and say it was $50 a unit. What is to stop you from buying 10-20 of these and selling on craigslist or eBay to turn a quick $1,000 profit? (Note: Amazon has an anti-resell policy)  If you get an iPad that is broken or not to your liking, no worries, you are covered by buyer’s protection.

This can be a tricky art, so maybe another method might be better – Spotting clearly mispriced high priced items. This can be time consuming, but there are many times I come across a seller that simply doesn’t understand how amazon works. I think common reason this happens is people think “The lowest seller on the product I have is asking $150.. I want to sell mine fast so I will do it for $100.”

I personally have bought iPods worth $120 for as low as $60. I’ve even seen t1i’s and t2i’s $150+ underpriced. Effectively this is arbitrage, but I can tell you personally it has resulted in in a lot of spare cash for me. Maybe it isn’t about making money to you either, maybe you really want an iPad 1 or iPad 2. Simply make a bookmark to link below of the iPad you want and check the used price everyday – It fluctuates a lot (and will fluctuate even more when the iPad 3 is released). Patience pays.

Just to illustrate how much prices change – here are some links and prices as of 10/23/11 of the lowest used item. If you do buy on amazon, don’t forget to go to the grocery store and buy amazon gift cards for extra savings through gas perks if available.

Apple iPad (first generation) MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)  – $337.99 Shipped
Apple iPad (First Generation) MB294LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi) – $395.00 Shipped
Apple iPad (First Generation) MC497LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + 3G) – $399.99 Shipped

Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black) – $454.99 Shipped
Apple iPad 2 MC770LL/A Tablet (32GB, Wifi, Black) NEWEST MODEL – $515 Shipped
Apple iPad 2 MC916LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi, Black) NEWEST MODEL – $636.99 Shipped
Apple iPad 2 MC775LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + AT&T 3G, Black) NEWEST MODEL – $666.66 Shipped

Disclaimer:  Keep good records, pay all require taxes, follow all federal, state, and local laws.

How I Bought a $1200 55-inch HDTV for $472.96

Behold the power of eBay. A Vizio E550VL 55-inch Full HD 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV (retail new $1199.07) for $472.96 (and four and half hours five and a half, due to traffic, of my time). How did I get this price on this television? eBay cash back, gas perks, credit card rewards and being a clever searcher is how I got this price. 2_thumb3

Auction’s Ending Price: $503.00 (Link)
Gift Cards Purchased: $500, $1 off a gal * 15.8 gallons = $15.80
eBay Cash back: 7%, $35.21 back
Credit Card Cash back: 2%, $10.06 back

Cost: $503 – 15 – 35.21 – 10.06 = $441.96

Downside? It’s a local pickup and its about 2 hours away. It’s worth it, but its going to run about $31 in gas.

Total Cost: $472.96 and 4 hours of driving

How did I find such a good deal? Well to get the cash back you can follow my previous post about getting the best cash back from eBay. As for the search, you have to think about it this way – eBay’s main advantage is the audience. You put up a crazy voodoo doll head on eBay, there is a chance that someone of the 1,000,000’s of people who use eBay is interested. If you went down to your local flea market and let 400 people see it, you might find someone to buy it as well, but it is less likely. Ebay’s main advantage is a large audience, that is what you pay the fees for as a seller.

The amount of people interested in a less than $500 55’’ E550VL 55-inch Full HD 1080p HDTV, a lot.How many people interested in driving to Indiana and picking it up locally, A heck of a lot less. So when I did my search I limited it to 150 miles from my Zipcode, Local Pickup Only. Sadly it was towards the higher end of my range of distance, but my time isn’t as valuable.

Some of you are saying – That’s a very uncommon price, but honestly I was upset I paid as much as I did! The exact same TV on eBay ended previously for $450 Local Pickup – Someone had an opportunity to get one for roughly $50 less and if they were actually local and didn’t have to spend $31 in gas – it could have been under $400! The seller was amazing by the way, it was a couple of brothers running the eBay Store – I would highly suggest them.

cheetah_thumb[4]Part of me hurts for knowing it could have been better, but most of me won’t care after I mount it on my wall.

Speaking of which I was worried about the cost of a mount, but I ordered a Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65-Inch Plasma LED LCD TV for right around $25 off amazon. It even comes with a level and cables and has great reviews.

There still are deals on eBay. You just have to find them.

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