I couldn’t help but comment on something that is happening locally. Throughout this week the Bengals community has been buying up tickets to see the Bengals take on the Ravens for a chance at the playoffs. If they win, they are in and if they lose – they still might be in.

All of that aside, my comments go towards the tactics they used to sell out the game – Buy one get one free. That’s right, the Bengals went BOGO on the NFL. If you would read the local newspapers earlier this week – it was if they had discovered a magical way to fill the 65,500 stadium. Believe it or not, when you offer NFL tickets at effectively half price, your audience is larger. There has been approximately 18,000 sales with this BOGO offer since Monday.

The Bengal administration and the local newpapers need to stop acting as if this was a smart tactic. If anything this discount shows how pathetic the demand is for Bengals tickets. The Bengals have a real chance at the playoffs with a rookie QB and they aren’t confident enough they can sell out the stadium with a discount that would cause riots in a real city. If anything, that’s sad.

I’ll be watching from home though. Go Bengals.

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