phoneI recently wrote about owning the “cheapest iPhone possible”, I still have it – but T-mobile is getting on my nerves. The biggest problem I have with my iPhone and T-mobile is the navigation. The maps are terrible compared to my old android phone and internet is virtually worthless. I was always happy with Sprint – so I’m heading back, since it’s the cheapest alternative of the big carriers.

Then the debate starts – which phone?

iPhone has its perks, but the galaxy S2 was looking mighty fine. I could sit here and tell you all the pro’s and con’s of the iPhone 4s and Galaxy S2, but I’ll try to give the cliff-notes:

  • iPhone 4s – Slower speed of internet on Sprint
  • iPhone 4s – Smaller Screen
  • iPhone 4s – No Extra batteries or memory cards
  • iPhone 4s – Maps are terrible
  • iPhone 4s – not as flexible as android
  • Galaxy S2 – Screen resolution is lower
  • Galaxy S2 – Not as “polished” as an iPhone

To me – it was about even. Until the pricing pushed me over.

Amazon-wireless is offering them for $.01, but it gets better. Add Mobile Hotspot for $29.99 and you get a $100 gift-card. Simply cancel the hotspot after the first month and you net $70 profit for the purchase of your phone.

+$70 Galaxy S2 vs –$199 iPhone 4s = $269 swing, easy decision. Plus I’ll sell my old iPhone for $120 – $140.

Lots of phones are only $.01 for a limited time and its not just Sprint. It’s a very slick deal.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G Android Phone (Sprint)
Samsung Nexus S 4G Android Phone (Sprint)
HTC ThunderBolt 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)
Motorola DROID BIONIC 4G Android Phone (Verizon Wireless)

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