I am at a 25% return on my portfolio YTD. In an effort to allow full disclosure, I want to show my actions taken since changing to Optionshouse (for lower comissions) in late April. Unfortunately, I am having some problems with E-Trade getting historical cost basis for some of my positions, one of which being a very lucrative Sprint position. I am only showing positions that have been bought and sold since going to Optionshouse.


My current positions have unrealized gains of $701 and unrealized losses of -$1010, for a net of -$309.

Overall my account has grown from about $11000 to $13,751 ($2,751 gain, +25.00% gain, 48.8% annualized) this year. Times have been good and Ill still be happy to finish anything over 10% for the year.

Note: Some transactions have not been reconciled due to Etrades lack of records after the transfer of my account to optionshouse (for better comnission rates).

Disclaimer: No investing should be made without consulting a professional. Nothing on this website should be used for decision making of any kind.

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